Catholic Truth Mission – Promote The One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

This blog and my other personal web site are an extension of my journey back home to the Catholic church. I was for the most part a lapsed Catholic, sure I thought about the church and religion in general, but it really didn’t hold much importance in my life for many years.

I would like to say that my return to the church was a result of an exciting life changing spiritual experience, but that was not the case. It all began rather slowly, a little curiosity here and there, resulting and progressing into a desire to learn more. Eventually my wife went through the RCIA program and I joined her and went through it as well as a renewal of faith participant, not even sure if that is the proper title. After the RCIA experience my journey back to the church was now a priority in my life, and the thirst for a deeper knowledge of the Catholic faith had increased.

This knowledge gained through a deeper understanding of Catholic doctrine and teaching was a game changer. Understanding things like apostolic succession, where the bible came from and its composition, who were the church fathers, these were just a few of the questions I was able to learn and understand the answers to.

The 2000 year history of the Roman Catholic Church has an impressive list of the worlds most intelligent people that ever lived, from theologians, philosophers, science and the arts, all the great writings of the saints, and people from all walks of life, these are the people that history has on the side of the Catholic church and all were inspired by the holy spirit.

My intention for this blog is to help promote what the Catholic church really teaches and why. I say this because over the years there have been occasions when I have been asked by my protestant friends, why do Catholics believe in the practice of such things as, praying to the saints, infant baptism, our beliefs regarding Mary the mother of God, confessing our sins to a priest, and other Catholic doctrines. One way to get some in-depth answers to their questions was to delve into apologetics. Apologetic resources helped me to understand and defend the answers to these questions with strict
adherence to the Catechism of The Catholic Church.  

During my research online, I came across some very disturbing comments that I have read on some online forums from anti Catholics, concerning various Catholic doctrines of the church. Many of their posts reflect anger and even hatred towards the Catholic church, their assumption of the nature of our church and doctrines are so disrespectful and hateful, I will not waste my time to repeat it or promote their view.
These situations would be much less troubling if they disagreed with what we really believe, rather than their unfounded views of our beliefs.

This blog is intended to help with the facts of what the Catholic church really teaches and why. Armed with the scriptures and the teaching authority of the Catholic church, I can only hope that the many misconceptions that abound about our faith can be corrected.
At the very least if disagreements can be based on what we really believe, rather than what people think we believe, something has been accomplished, and who knows the holy spirit just may come upon them and the truth will set them free.

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