Silence Is Not Golden

We all know of the terrorist’s attacks that have taken place over the last 25 years or so in the name of Islam
We all know of the death and destruction and the crimes against humanity committed by these extremists
We Cry, we Hope and Pray for a peaceful world free of war and tyranny

But Not All
The silent majority has given strength to the radical minority.
To those who belong to the religion of Islam, where are your voices that speak out against the radicalization of your religion and the evil that exists in this form of Islam?

To the countries that are governed by Islamic ideology but claim to be peaceful people, where is your unified voice condemning the radicalization of your religion?
Where is your alliance to confront this evil collectively?

Yes some of you do denounce these atrocities but the few voices, in contrast to a billion plus Muslims are voices silenced. We’ve seen this before, the silence of the majority allowed the evil of the minority to flourish in NAZI GERMANY.

You are a billion strong you can fight the minority radicals and reclaim Islam as the peaceful loving religion you claim it to be.

We have tried to help you. Many thousands of young men and women gave their lives for your freedom and ours.
Your future and freedom is in your hands, what will you do?

Stay silent and continue to lose our understanding and trust
Speak out and fight to gain our respect and support.


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