Mary is honoured not worshiped

Catholics Worship God alone and no other with the utmost reverence

We honour Mary, and rightly so with the highest degree of honour (Hyper – Dulia). How could you not honour such a person who bore the son of God. Who was the vessel in which salvation would enter the world. Whom God choose for this purpose.

Do you not honour your peers for some great accomplishment?, Do you not honour your sports team for winning a championship?, Have you ever attended a banquet to honour the person for which the event is a tribute to?, this list can go on and on, but you get the idea.

Therefore would you not agree that Mary is deserving of the highest degree of honour. Would Jesus want us to show this degree of respect for his mother, absolutely!

As for statues, another absurd accusation, no catholic worships a statue. Consider them as visual aids to help bring remembrance and aid in meditation.

Think of it this way:
When you have a family member or loved one who is away for some time, wouldn’t it help to look at a picture of them to bring a more meaningful and vivid memory of the person you are missing.
In comparison to just sitting there and thinking of them without a visual memory of some kind, ie: picture, letter or a memento to reflect on.
Which would you prefer?

We Worship God alone with the highest degree of reverence
Mary is honoured and not worshipped
Statues are not idols, they are meaningful visual aids
If anyone disagrees, show me your proof, not your interpretation or assumptions.
God Bless,
Tim Lauriault