Denied Holy Communion, Unbelievable!

Unbelievable! A young Catholic women being denied Holy Communion by a priest because she wanted to receive kneeling and on the tongue.
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Standing or Kneeling after receiving Holy Communion

Since the changes in the roman missal a couple of years ago there is one change I have a very hard time accepting, and that is the posture after receiving Holy Communion.

Personally I feel distracted and disconnected when standing after receiving communion. Perhaps because it seems more difficult to be in a prayerful concentration with eyes closed and head bowed while in the standing position.

After reading the Gestures and Bodily Posture section in the GERM:43 (the general instruction of the roman missal) I understand that is still permitted to kneel or sit during a time of sacred silence after receiving communion. Again, personally I felt kneeling was a more reverent posture and was able to contemplate more deeply on the mystery of the Eucharist, the real body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus and the sacrifice it represents. Therefore I will continue to kneel with the up most respect and reverence due to this most precious gift from our Lord Jesus Christ.